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SSL Secure Certificates

The Kiwi Web Hosting Company's secure certificates are fully validated and will provide your website with ultra-secure 128 bit encryption (just like the order form that you are currently using). Our certificates are recognised by over 99% of all web browsers. Installation of our SSL certificates is free on all Kiwi Web Hosting Company accounts. For details regarding the different types of certificates, please refer to our SSL web page.

The SSL Domain refers to the domain or subdomain that you wish to access securely (e.g. ). You will only be able to access pages securely via this domain.

Choose Your Certificate Type and Plan

1 year ($99 + GST)
2 year ($179 + GST)
3 year ($249 + GST)

PremiumSSL Wildcard
1 year ($899 + GST)
2 year ($1699 + GST)
3 year ($2399 + GST)

I do not require a secure certificate at this time.

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